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Date Night Ideas When You're Pregnant

When you’re expecting a baby one thing is a guaranteed in the future, that first year of your little ones life you’ll probably have less time to be able to spend with your partner and going on dates will be harder. Especially when it’s your first baby the adjustment can be a little rough to […]


Edmonton, Alberta Newborn Photographer | Date Ideas When You’re Expecting

July 18, 2021

Alberta Midwife

We are so lucky here in Alberta. To care for our us we get not one but two options of who we would like to overseeing our pregnancy, an OB or a midwife. While OB’s have been the standard for a long time, midwives are gaining in their popularity. Both options are covered by Alberta […]


Edmonton, Alberta Newborn Photographer | Why Choose a Midwife?

July 13, 2021

While we love photographing couples during that special time in their lives as they take the next step together on their journey into forever, we also love the parts that come after “happily ever after.” A maternity photo session is a special time to remember; to anticipate all that awaits ahead, the joy, laughter, tears, and […]


Mitch+Raina Maternity Session

April 30, 2018