I know as a new parent the anxiety and healing process from just giving birth can be pretty overwhelming. This little girl’s parents booked her newborn session with me long before she was born. But when things didn’t go as planned with her birth and her Mama was struggling to heal and recuperate, she reached out to me asking if we could push her newborn session back to when she was closer to 3.5 weeks old. While the ideal time to do newborn photos is within the first 14 days after birth, circumstances happen and sometimes they can’t always be done within this time frame. But just because a baby is a little “older” doesn’t mean all is lost, it’s still possible to get cute newborn style photos, it may just take a little longer and a little more patience. My priority is always first and foremost for mother and baby’s health and comfortability, so of course I quickly assured her that it wouldn’t be an issue.

These parents drove 4 HOURS from Calgary, AB just to do a session with me. I was extremely flattered they drove all that way just to be able to have this experience. On the day of the session this beautiful little girl definitely gave me a run for my money, as she decided to stay awake for almost the entire session. But with a little time and patience we definitely got the shots her Mama was wanting.

Her Mom had sent me a number of photos beforehand while we were planning the session. She wanted a number of neutrals with a very girly feel to them. She also had one shot she really wanted of a very floral set up. I was excited for the challenge and definitely feel like we got all of the inspiration spot on!

Sweet Baby Girl

This set up felt very classic to me with the lace, but I really loved the headband. I don’t know about you but I LOVE BIG headbands on baby girls!

Baby Smiles

The neutral lace has to be one of my FAVORITE backdrops, so I was super excited to hear her Mama wanted a girly and neutrals. I was super excited to be able to catch her smiling (*squeal*). At the end of this set she decided to be fully awake so I just went with it because who doesn’t love it when you catch a newborn alert and with their eyes open???

Floral Baby Set Ups

These two prop shots ended up being completely adorable. The first one with the minimal boho vibe just really speaks to my heart, I am all about the boho baby set ups! The floral of the second set up took a lot of visualizing and then putting pieces together, but she looks like she’s set in a beautiful garden and it turned out amazing!

Newborn Family Photos

Finally for the best part, the parent shots! Getting photos done of your new little family is really super special as it marks a momentous occasion in the story of your life. Everything changes the moment you become a parent, and changes again with each new baby, and it’s something you’ll always want to remember. One thing that I loved about these photos was matching baby’s wrap color to her mom’s hijab. Together mother and daughter looked amazing and you can definitely see the resemblance.


Edmonton, Alberta Newborn Photographer | Floral Newborn Photos

YEG baby photos


I am currently booking newborn sessions a few months out. While I can sometimes fit in last minute bookings, the best way to ensure your spot is to book early as I only take a limited number of newborn clients per month to ensure customer experience.

I offer my clients a customized luxury experience that is personalized just for you. I try and make the whole experience as stress-free as possible so you can focus on preparing for and then enjoying your new babe!

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