YEG Baby Photos

This yeg baby photos session was a very special one for me. I had the absolute pleasure of photographing another photographer’s sweet baby girl. Her momma and I went to photography school together, so when she told me she was expecting and that she wanted me to do her newborn photos I was ecstatic. This little girl is such a beauty, with her long hair and rosy cheeks, and I loved making a classic and girly designed newborn session especially for her.

Tiny Newborn Baby Girl

Bows, bows, and more bows! I love mixing a tiny bow headband with a bow wrap because is there anything more girly than that!?! When this beauty first arrived because of the long drive and the cat nap (her momma drove over an hour to come for a newborn session) she was completely awake and very interested in having a look around. But a little wrapping magic, white noise, and my magical touch and she eventually fell completely asleep.

Little Miss Sunshine

I love baby girls in yellow because it just reminds me of sunshine! This tiny baby bed is definitely a favorite prop for many parents because it’s so tiny and fits them just perfectly. I loved adding the yellow flowers to this set up because it just was the perfect detail for making it extra girly.

She’ll Never Be this Little Again

I’ve been itching to use this bucket set up with the florals and I knew this sweet baby girl would be the perfect babe to use it for! Blush will forever be a favorite of mine for girls (one of my wedding colors was blush) and I love how every baby girl always look great in it. By the time we reached the bucket shots she was completely asleep and made posing her in my hands before putting her in the bucket really easy.

Classic Newborn Photos

These bean bag shots of this beauty are some of my favorite. I had to work quickly because she didn’t want to sleep for long as there was just too much to see, but each shot I’d look at my camera and think “stunning!” She had the most beautiful creamy white skin and rosy cheeks and with all that hair she just looked like the most perfect little doll.

Sleepy Little One

When we first started this neutral backdrop I knew that this babe was not gonna last much longer in her session. Usually when I get to this point in a session I quickly try and get as much variety as I can quickly from that last setup so that I can finish once the babe is ready to be done, yet still get some different photo options for the parents.


Edmonton, Alberta Newborn Photographer | YEG Baby Photos

YEG Baby Photos


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