I have always been an artist. From as young as I can remember I have always been creative. Making crafts out of scraps of what I thought was treasure (or garbage to others 😂), sketching images of people I saw, dancing, writing my own songs, I am artistic in every sense of the word. So when I turned 19 my interest soon turned to photography as I loved the idea of capturing the world around me. I bought my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D40 that I was so proud of. I had that camera for years, playing with it, taking in on adventures, trying to capture the world around me and all the beauty I found. 

Fast forward and I was in my mid twenties. I loved photography and it was constantly in my mind, and somewhere a part of me also wondered if it was something I could do for more than just fun? I remember having a conversation with my Dad and him convincing me that I loved taking photos, so if I got the training why couldn’t I do more with it? So I took the plunge and got a more expensive camera, a Canon DSLR (yes I made the switch from Nikon to Canon). I was lucky to have a friend who was a wedding photographer, and I asked if I could shadow her to an engagement session. She agreed and I did this for a few sessions before she asked me to second shoot with her that summer at all of her weddings. It was amazing, and by the end of the summer I knew I’d found my calling being a photographer. After that summer I applied and got accepted in CATO (the Centre for Arts and Technology) in Kelowna. I spent time honing my craft and actually learning how to properly use my camera, and I graduated with my Diploma in Digital Arts and Photography. 

Soon after I graduated from CATO I moved back to my hometown Edmonton. I started working for a group of registered dietitians as their photographer and videographer, where I did a lot of food photography and videos on exercise and wellness. I learned a lot during this time and was super thankful for the opportunity, but I wanted to break out on my own. So I took a risk and started Brittani Michael Photography. It was exhilarating, a ton of work, but was my absolute joy. My first few years I focused on photographing primarily engagements and weddings. I loved the high energy of weddings and seeing couples crazy in love begin their life together. My husband and I got pregnant with our first baby and this is where my passion for newborns started. Having my own baby really made me treasure the memories with her and see how fleeting they were. Newborns change so quickly and I never wanted to forget a thing about my little girly. She was my joy and my whole world and it made me realize how important getting photos of her was. 

So I decided to go back and get more training specifically for newborn photography. I spent months doing different workshops, courses, mentoring and really honing in on my craft. I focused on learning newborn safety so that I knew how to make sure a baby was never put in any risk during a photo session. I also started work on my studio and adding quality props to my collection. Fast forward to today and I absolutely love photographing newborn sessions. I am so, so thankful to be able be living my dream and doing something I love for a living. It’s a privilege and a joy being able to capture that special time for parents so that they have something to treasure and always remember.

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Edmonton Newborn Photography


I am currently booking newborn sessions a few months out. While I can sometimes fit in last minute bookings, the best way to ensure your spot is to book early as I only take a limited number of newborn clients per month to ensure customer experience.

I offer my clients a customized luxury experience that is personalized just for you. I try and make the whole experience as stress-free as possible so you can focus on preparing for and then enjoying your new babe!

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