Covid-19 is clearly no joke, it’s been a year and a half and we’re still not over this thing. Much like everyone else I’m praying this thing ends soon and that we can go back to some form of normal. 

As your Edmonton Newborn photographer my number one concern is for the safety of your baby and your family. I take this role very seriously, which is why I have a number of precautions in place to keep you safe during your newborn session at our Edmonton Newborn Studio. 

  1. I allow 48 hours between sessions. Rather than trying to cram a bunch of sessions into a day I give enough time to make sure that everything can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in between sessions. 
  2. All props and fabrics are cleaned after each session. Besides making sure the props are in pristine condition for your session, I want to make sure they are clean and fresh for when you bring your little one in for your session. 
  3. The studio itself is throughly cleaned and sanitized before each session. Every surface is throughly cleaned, everything, is sanitized, so that you know that when you come in for your Newborn Session, you know that you’re walking into a clean space. 
  4. Hand sanitizer used throughout the session. I’m not sure about you but since the beginning of covid I have definitely been more conscious of what I’m doing with my hands and making sure to not constantly be touching my hair and my face. Even still I have hand sanitizer by my posing station and you will see me using it continuously throughout your newborn session 
  5. No outside props allowed during this time. As much as I love it when clients bring in special things to use specifically during their session, covid makes this very difficult. I am careful to make sure everything that touches baby is cleaned and sanitized, but when it’s an outside prop there is a risk of cross contamination, which is why for the meantime I am not allowing outside props in the studio. 
  6. Immediate family only for sessions. In order to try and make sure we have as little people as possible there for your newborn session I ask that only immediate family are present. I also ask that if you’re doing sibling photos that they come for the beginning of the session and are taken out after they are completed.  This isn’t just for covid protections it’s also because newborn sessions can be long and hard for other siblings to sit through. 
  7. Use of masks. I wear an N95 mask during all sessions as an extra layer of protection for your little one to keep them safe. I also ask all clients to wear masks during their sessions (with the exception of during family photos) to protect both me as your photographer, as well as yourself and your family. Don’t worry if in your rush out the door you forgot to grab one, I have brand new medical masks available for clients. 
  8. The studio has a strict no-sick policy. This is for both myself as a photographer and clients. I ask that if you or your family have had any symptoms 72 hours prior to your newborn session you reschedule (which is free of charge). I follow this rule myself as well to also ensure your family’s health and wellness. 

Like everyone else I do hope that we can go back to being able to see our loved ones and go out and lives our lives freely. But as there as still risks with Covid-19, I promise you as your Edmonton Newborn Photographer to give you an amazing experience, with photos you will cherish forever, in a safe and clean environment. 


Edmonton, Alberta Newborn Photographer | Covid-19 Studio Safety

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I am currently booking newborn sessions a few months out. While I can sometimes fit in last minute bookings, the best way to ensure your spot is to book early as I only take a limited number of newborn clients per month to ensure customer experience.

I offer my clients a customized luxury experience that is personalized just for you. I try and make the whole experience as stress-free as possible so you can focus on preparing for and then enjoying your new babe!

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